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Things for expats to consider when finding a place to stay

PropertyAccess Team |

Are you moving to Philippines to expand your business? Besides the great potential for your career or business, here are the basic yet important things to consider when looking for a place to stay in Manila.

Access to public transportation
The company may provide transportation to and from your new workplace, but access to public transportation is still a must when choosing a place to stay. You will appreciate the mobility, especially on non-working days when you want to explore your new city on your own or run personal errands. And if the company will not provide transportation, then proximity to public transport will save you money in the long run. You may also want to consider areas where there are ride-sharing services available, like Uber or Grab.

Proximity to commercial centers (shopping malls, markets, groceries)
If you’re moving to a new city for work, easy access to food and other daily necessities is essential.Plus points if the community has a nearby farmers’ market and organic/health food store.

Closeness to public services, especially hospitals
Living close to a hospital, the post office, and other government services that can help expats like you can make life more convenient for your family. If it’s possible, try to live close to where the embassy of your country is located.

Safety and security
When moving into any city, this should be your number one priority. If the area is not safe, then you will be putting your family at risk. Knowing you live in a secure area will help you sleep better at night in your new city. Choose a quite, relaxing community or a bustling, active area—which ever you prefer, it’s best to look into the neighborhood’s safety and security record and reputation.

Near international schools
This may not be something to think about when you’re moving to a new city on your own, but it’s important to expats who are taking their family with them. It is good to be close to reputable international schools where your children can get education that’s at par with global standards. And you would not want your children to have to endure a long commute or have to worry about taking them to a distant school before you get to the office.So, before you decide on a property to rent in your new city, make sure to tick off these requirements to get the best possible options for new home.