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Small Steps to a Good Night’s Rest

PropertyAccess Team |

A restless night can lead to a restless day. The amount of sleep we have can really affect your mood and productivity for the next day. Not many of take advantage of the power of sleep, especially those of us who work long hours in an office. If you’re struggling to get some needed shut eye, here are some suggestions to consider in order to help you get a good night’s rest.

Take a moment to just stop and breathe. Exercise your mind by meditating the day away, and relive yourself of any stress you may have endured through out the day. Some people may prefer to this through prayer by the bedside, but if you’re new to the whole concept, why not download an app to help guide through your mediation. 10 minutes is a you need before bedtime.

Create a relaxing environment
Turn your bedroom into your own haven. Taking the time to make your bedroom a calm, and relaxing atmosphere can make all the difference when trying to get some sleep. Adding a comfy comforter, some fluffy cushions, and dim lighting can really help put yourself to sleep at night. 

Limit screen time
Right before you go to bed, make sure you rest your eyes from screens. Sometimes when you’re tossing and turning, it can be tempting to switch on the tv or even check your phone. Studies have proven that keeping screens away from your bedroom can improve your sleep quality. If you must have your phone as an alarm, place it as far from the bed as possible to avoid temptation. 

Use an eye mask 
Eliminating any form of light in your bedroom and make a difference when it comes to shutting away to dream land. These days you can even purchase eye masks that come with gel pads, so you can rest easy and wake up to fresh de-puffed eyes.

Use ear plugs
Blocking out the noise of the city can again make all the difference when trying to get some shut eye. When your senses are free from distraction, you’ll be on your way to a good night’s rest. 

Drink tea before bedtime
Drinking non-caffeinated tea can help soothe the mind before bed time. Teas like chamomile can work wonders. Add a small amount of honey to your drink to add some sweetness and your body will soon start to relax after a long day at work. 

Use lavender scents
Lavender scents have been the oldest and best cure for a sleepless night. You can be creative by either using a lavender scented body wash in the bathroom, or a diffuser in your bedroom. The traditional way would be to place fresh lavender underneath the pillow, or by your bedside table.*

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