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Paranaque: Eat and Be Fit

PropertyAccess Team |

In the mid-2000’s, Paranaque became famous for its hole-in-the-wall restaurants in BF Avenue. Some of those restaurants we saw flourish over the years and have since expanded their branches to other locations. Over a decade later, the place is still known to have restaurants that offer one-of-a-kind cuisines that surely people from the North will not mind driving to almost forty (40) kilometers just to have a taste of what these restaurants offer.

Here are some new and timeless favorites from the BF Homes strip:

Viet Asia (Vietnamese)

Pho lovers, this is the perfect comfort food place for you. Located along Aguirre street, visit this restaurant that brings the Vietnamese taste and will transport you to the streets of Vietnam. Simple yet very delicious and will surely satisfy your pho cravings.]

La Chinesca (Mexican)

With the rise of taqueria in the Metro comes La Chinesca. This is not a regular taco place – this is the same brilliant chef that brought Mecha Uma and Ooma to the market. La Chinesca offers food that bursts of Mexican flavor. For those looking for that authentic Mexican flavor, this is real as real gets – and it’s definitely worth braving the traffic!

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen (Italian)

Craving for pasta? Pizza? Mama Lou’s homely look matches the food they serve. Having a meal here is like being served at home with a hearty Italian meal. Now a fast spreading Italian Restaurant chain, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen also has other branches in Laguna, Pasig and Quezon City.

Ble (Greek)

Most food business success stories come from small beginnings by passionate owners. Ble is the perfect example for that. It started out as a small table at a Sunday Market in Makati and now operates two (2) branches. People love Ble’s food because it is always made fresh.

Hanakazu (Japanese)

If you are a sushi or sashimi lover, you will know that the main reason for good sushi or sashimi is its freshness. The fresher, the better. This is why this Japanese couple-owned restaurant has been successfully operating since 2005. This place is definitely worth going all the way to the South for.

Tito Chef (Filipino)

This Filipino food restaurant is reputable for its good food and good ambience. No wonder that business has been good ever since they opened. It’s not enough that good food is served – they also depict the atmosphere of a gallery. So diners can enjoy the food with good wine and view the artwork on the walls.

The Witches Brew Diners

Now this one should be visited by Potterheads across the whole Metro. You will get the whole Harry Potter experience. Not only how the inside of the restaurant looks and feels like – but it practically brings you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Of course, in every food district, there is always that neutralizing factor that will help diners feel less guilty about always eating. This is why there are also so many establishments promoting fitness in the area. Here are some suggestions for foodies out there who would want to pair their love for food with exercise:

Pound for Pound Fitness – Fairly new but is fast expanding, Pound for Pound is your neighborhood gym that has complete equipment but does not burn a hole in your pocket. Located along Dona Soledad Avenue, this is a highly accessible road with a volume of the younger crowd. There is a very reasonable annual fee and very friendly monthly rates!

L3F Kettlebell Gym – Did you know that there is a Kettlebell community in the Philippines? This is why it is no surprise that there is a gym dedicated specifically to this fitness equipment. And yes- it surely gives a whole new meaning to fitness. This will not only get you fit, it will give you the necessary strength to your body.

Anytime Fitness – On a more classic note, here is everyone’s all-time favorite that became famous in 2015. This is good because aside from being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being enrolled in one branch gives you access to all their branches nationwide!

Hit Arena – If you prefer to lose those calories with rhythm, then this is the perfect gym for you. Head on over to Aurora Building on Aguirre Avenue for some high intensity training.

Elorde Plus – Then there is the most intense of all – boxing. If you like the whole nine yards – speed, focus, core, and learning how to punch to boost, then Elorde is the perfect gym for you. Named after a famous boxer who built this whole franchise to help the youth stay away from drugs and keep focus on sports, it stays true to its mission. It does keep its members off the vices and teaches them discipline most of all.

There are also those who prefer sweating without moving. No worries because there are also a number of yoga places in Paranaque. Here are two of the most popular ones:

Treehouse – Located along El Grande Avenue, Treehouse provides a serene place where you can reflect and find your center.

Yoga Philippines – Listed in 2014 as one of the top yoga studios in the country, Yoga Philippines brings years of experience and expertise. Founded by Joseph De Asis, choose from a wide range of yoga classes at very affordable rates.

After the work-out, what better way to end the day with some out-of-this-world massage? Here are some suggestions when you are at the South side of the Metro:

The Mandara Spa – Get the Zen-Filipiniana experience, here at The Mandara, you’ll get the all the elements you need for the perfect relaxing ambience.

ManiPedi Organic Day Spa – Get your “me time” at this organic day spa. You no longer have to worry about the equipment being used to clean your nails, and you also get to have your nails done, your hair waxed and have great massage in one place.

Earth’s Accent Day Spa – Located along Dona Soledad Avenue, get your relaxation day complete with this. Whether you are going solo or with your significant other, this is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the feel of nature in the place.

Looking at all these establishments, it can be deduced that living in Paranaque can give you that whole work-life balance vibe. Not only does it offer an abundance in food choices, it also gives the opportunity for a holistic living because of its wellness components as well.