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North of Manila’s New Hotspot

PropertyAccess Team |

For more than ten years, the people from the North side of Manila has been enjoying SM North EDSA and TriNoMa. It’s high time that a new player comes in – enter Vertis North. The twenty-nine (29) hectare park is developed by Ayala Malls and carries the tagline, Energizing Enterprise. Staying true to this, it is a combination of central business and lifestyle districts. 

What’s in Store for You at Vertis North?

The complex is another mixed-use development that combines modern architecture with eco-friendly design. Having a business district, you can expect a twenty-two (22) story Vertis North Corporate Center – an office building ready to house the biggest names in the business process outsourcing industry and more. 

Then there is the residential area that at the moment has two (2) structures: High Park by Alveo Land and Avida Towers Sola by Avida Land – both under the Ayala Land umbrella. For the transients that want a more serviced short-term living, there is the Seda Vertis Hotel. Expect modern facilities in this hotel such as floor-to-ceiling windows, flat screen televisions, iPod docks and living essentials with a modern twist. 

Of course an Ayala Land development will not be complete without its greens – in this case it’s the Green Strip where you will find lush surroundings with green features. Truly a place to enjoy your free time with friends and family.

On to the main event, which is the entertainment – Ayala Vertis North. Now the fourth largest mall in Quezon City and dubbed as the first millennial mall in the country. For one, they have dedicated zones. Knowing the Filipino market – especially those teenagers and young professionals who frequent malls, they have their foreign favorites. 

For those into K-pop, there is Korea Town where you can find all things Korean – from fashion to cosmetics even pop idols. Of course there is the food. Have your Korean food cravings satisfied with Korean barbecue, or the famous Korean chicken at BonChon. 

Then you can wander into a different zone, and you will find yourself being brought to Japan Town. You have the usual fashion favorites such as Uniqlo and some all-purpose stores. The highlight of this district is perhaps the cuisine. For as long as we can remember, we have been influenced by the Japanese in their taste for good and fresh food. We still carry this up to now, and it clearly shows by the volume of Japanese-themed restaurants available in the mall. Most of these restaurants are now infused with some modern techniques. One example would be Kureji that serves great sizzling ramen and flavored chicken wings. If you want some Japanese street food, go to Japan Fudo – it’s their first branch in Metro Manila. There is also Botejyu, inspired by the restaurant in Osaka – the first ever restaurant to offer okonomiyaki. Then of course who can forget tempura? Asakusa, a district in Japan famous for its temples, where a lot of tourists make it a point to visit, is also this restaurant’s name – Asakusa home of tempura. Here you can find a wide variety of tempura and customize your dish.

One thing you can also say about the people in the North is that they are foodies who are adventurous and love to try new things. 

You know this because you will find much more restaurants in Vertis North. There is the usual fashion area and other mall finds – but you can not turn to a corner without finding a new concept restaurant that you would definitely want to try.

Check out the Urban Turf – another district in Vertis North. There are several places you can go to introduce something new to your pallet. There’s Pound by Todd English – from appetizer to main course to dessert, you know that every bit of item on that menu was carefully thought of. You can also choose to go all out Italian with Pezzo, where you can customize pizza boxes and enjoy handcrafted pizza. If you are more on a snack person, you can also try Nathan’s Famous where they serve good hotdogs and add lemonade to complete the experience. Check out also Nacho Bimby, a Mexican-inspired snack chain, and as is obvious, is named after the child of a famous celebrity in the country. 

The mall is also conducive to movie dates as they have a large format cinema with what they call A-giant screens, the largest cinema screens in the country. Especially with the movies that have been coming out, this is sure to give you a better watching experience.

Before heading to the cinema, drop by these places for some sweet endings. For the sweet tooth, this is the mall to frequent as well. One recommendation is Tsujiri, a Japanese dessert bar that specialized in green tea flavored desserts. If you are more of a gelato type of person, you can check out Mio Gelati, but do not limit yourself to gelato, they also offer milkshakes and the all-time favorite smores. For a sit-down dessert experience, try Paper Moon café and order the different flavors of their milk crepe cakes. If you are a dairy person, it is recommended that you visit Monster Milkshake several times so you can try their various milkshake flavors. To start, you can try matcha, cheesecake and even bubblegum! Still want more? Head on to Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio, the place that offers artisanal ice cream. What is artisanal? Those flavors that are so unique, you can almost consider them novelty. Examples would be green mango with bagoong flavor, which is a green mango flavored ice cream with actual bagoong on the ice cream as a topping! There are also the Filipino favorites such as malunggay, ube taro and mango sansrival. 

Note that this place has recently opened and these are only a few of the things you can expect from Vertis North. One year from now, you can definitely see more places to stroll and spend leisurely time in, stores, restaurants you can enjoy and more places to see and experience overall.