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Four Reasons Why House & Lot Properties Remain in Demand

PropertyAccess Team |

Even as rapidly transforming city skylines become telltale signs that vertical developments are rising — not to mention the more practical residential option in bustling CBDs these days — there’s still a significant segment of buyers who would prefer to invest in a traditional house and lot over a condominium.  

In the Philippines, one of the key things Filipinos associate with a good retirement plan is owning a house. But are the reasons purely aspirational? Not quite so. 

Here are four reasons why house-and-lot properties continue to draw both prospective homeowners and investors toward this investment instrument: 

Land Ownership

While house and lot properties are generally more expensive than owning a condominium unit or an apartment — figures from KMC Mag Group currently peg high-end house-and-lot properties in Metro Manila at the PHP 22 million to PHP 28 million range — the biggest draw is definitely the fact that you’re granted total, exclusive rights to the property. Not only is this advantageous from an aesthetic perspective — you have the freedom to design and renovate both indoor and outdoor spaces any way you want — it’s also a really good long-term investment, one you can pass on to your family. House and lot properties also tend to have higher value in the long run.

This is precisely why, even if the last 10 years have seen a decline in demand for housing properties in Metro Manila, there has been a surge of housing and horizontal development across peripheral cities and provinces. Property developers offering housing products across all income brackets have proliferated in cities and municipalities like Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon or Calabarzon — areas where horizontal development has been steadily growing in the last 20 years. According to this Inquirer article, as growth continues its upward trajectory, “at least 3,000 to 3,500 housing units are being sold every month” in these second-tier cities.

Holiday Leasing Potential

House-and-lot units located in holiday destinations — or even within exclusive subdivisions offering such luxurious lifestyle amenities as a well-equipped clubhouse, manicured lawns, state-of-the-art golf course, 24/7 security, and access to various points of interest — have the potential to get back your return on investment faster as a vacation rental. 

With tourism arrivals and business travel on the upswing in Metro Manila, for example, house-and-lot units in master-planned communities are attractive to short-term lessees and vacationing tourists who prefer to stay away from the bustling city center, as well as long-term tenants who wish to settle with their families in the suburbs. 

Attractive Investment  

Investors have long since realized the value of investing in house-and-lot properties, especially those built by developers who enjoy long-standing premium reputations, or those located in cosmopolitan districts or in seaside destinations. 

Because demand for house-and-lot units in prime locations are anticipated to appreciate over time — and because you have total ownership of the property — you can easily put up your property for sale at a premium. Any renovations and upkeep expenses you make will also be recouped as houses that are well-maintained and updated tend to sell higher in the market. 

Space Out

Compared to vertical developments that do not provide you with an outdoor space of your own (maybe a tiny balcony if you’re lucky) and have limited interior space — i.e., limited number of bedrooms, smaller kitchen and dining areas, limited closet space, and small living rooms — house and lot properties tend to be generous in terms of both inner and outer space. 

Sprawling lawns, larger closets, bigger bedrooms and bathrooms, more spacious living areas and dining rooms, and the option to even go up to two- to three-storeys, are just some of the advantages of owning a house and lot property.
Another advantage? You can decide on your own when you want to do your house repair, renovation, and maintenance without having to go through condominium building property managers.