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Feng Shui: It’s All About Openness

PropertyAccess Team |

The New Year is almost always about remodeling. Lots of people talk about feng shui when remodeling their homes, and think that all the red stuff and ba gua will bring them luck for the coming year. Feng shui is all about making your house more open and more livable for the New Year.

While Chinese artifacts that involve luck have a lot to do with feng shui, a lot about feng shui has something to with making you move around your house faster and more conveniently. Here are some tips to remember:

Moving qi
The Chinese talk a lot about qi, or a mysterious cosmic energy that is at the center of all living. For qi to move around your house in a positive manner, you need to remove all obstructions to its flow. If you don’t believe in qi, or if you do not understand it, a simple rule of thumb to follow is to arrange your furnishings in such a way that you can move around the rooms of your house quicker.

There’s a practical reason why people frown on the idea of mirrors on the hallway when it comes to feng shui, or designing your rooms so that you have your head – not your feet – near the door. When remodeling the arrangement of your home, make sure everything’s safe and secure.

Colors of energy
There’s nothing wrong with believing in luck, but a few hints of red and yellow here and there can make your house attract more positive energy.Heck, it can even make you feel good.